Visiting Rome

Ok, so I’m visiting Rome for the first time.   I keep thinking that with the last name Romano people are going to invite me into their home or something.  I guess if you think about it, that’s absurd.  If your name is Doug Smith and you go to Smithville, Texas (a real place) no one is going to care.

“You’re Doug Smith? Take my car for the day”

It is a beautiful city, but very crowded with us tourists.  Here are some highlights with my camera pointed up. 🙂

Inside the Pantheon.
Also inside the Pantheon.
Roman columns anyone?
Let there be no doubt which cut of meat you’re getting. At a local restaurant.
Three Coins in the fountain each one surrounded by 2,000 tourists. Breathtaking just the same.
Roman columns in the Villa Borghese which is basically Rome’s Central Park.
A Sunday on the plaza…
Looks deceptively simple, but tastes incredibly complicated. Reminds me of myself sometimes.
That’s an artichoke but the small slice of bacon to the left. Amazing.